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My name is Sebastien LeMenager and I have over 16 years of experience supporting high-growth software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies through major transitions and evolutions in their businesses. These companies include Box, UserTesting, WorkBoard, Preset, and Eltropy. I was lucky enough to be a part of these organizations when they were going through major changes — from massive growth, to periods of stagnation, organizational changes, downsizing, and huge shifts in the market.

I can operate as a fractional COO: I take a holistic view to fully understand your organization and craft personalized solutions and care to help you grow and thrive. I use evidence gathering, data analysis, and active listening to tailor what works best for your organization right here and now. A few examples of the sorts of ways I can help a growing organization scale:

  • Craft customer renewal processes and technology to tighten up your ARR.
  • Establish a process and framework for your company, team, and individual goals – tied to performance management – to help drive greater accountability.
  • Translate company goals and efforts into a small but powerful list of KPIs to help create greater focus.
  • Build a customer health score that aligns your organization around how best to support your customers and enable their growth.
  • Plan your organization to scale through capacity planning, talent management strategies, compensation planning, and management structure analysis.

My background runs a gamut of other areas, including…

Corporate and Financial Planning

Short-, mid-, and long-term planning all have their place in a growing organization. The key is connecting the dots across the three of them and bringing a planning mindset to the table with your management team and your employees. One of the things I have always loved about Business Operations is the fact that being someone who is always trying to look around the corner enables you to show people outcomes they didn’t see coming. In this you enable the best possible planning your company can have. I can help you connect your corporate strategy and long-term goals to how to execute today with the capital you have today (and will have tomorrow).

Revenue Operations

The Customer Lifecycle runs from the moment there’s a spark of a prospect all the way through them being customers and sticking with you, happy and growing, through your company’s own growth. Enabling all of this (from Marketing to Sales and Customer Success) is Revenue Operations, the underpinning to these functions. I can help with any stage of this, though I have a particular affinity for revenue forecasting, compensation plan analysis and formation (for Sales and Customer Success), systems planning and development, and team process maturation. Through it all efficiency is my drive as the best Go-to-Market teams are those that deliver growth at many times the speed that they grow themselves.

Data Analytics

Enabling your organization with strong data and insights is crucial to enabling better decision making. But getting there can be extremely challenging. The best data analytics support is one that is pinned on the philosophy of data democratization. The best data analyst is someone who is curious. And a growing organization is successful if you enable the most curious to ask questions and seek answers on their own through robust data analytics tooling, data sources, and education. I can help you on all three fronts.

People Operations

Treating your people right is key. Happy and satisfied people supporting your business is the #1 predictor of a successful outcome. I can help with employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit, performance management, total rewards, equity rewards and planning, and more.

Leadership and Coaching

Your Executive or Leadership Team need are a team just as much as a Sales team, a Product team, or a Customer Support team. This team, though, is very unique by the nature not only of them being the people at the helm of the company’s decisions and planning but also by the nature of them coming from very different work backgrounds and experiences. I have worked with such teams and can provide guidance around how to form them, how to get them to work well together, and how to get the most out of them. Tactically this comes from such approaches as regular leadership meetings, offsites, and one-on-one coaching.

Management and Team Formation

During my career I have managed multiple teams. These teams have varied in terms of size, level of experience, and areas of discipline. Forming and managing these teams through times of change, times of challenge, and times of celebration has afforded me with both a lot of wonderful memories as well as a lot of great learnings. I love to help guide other managers as they go through the work it takes to get their teams forming, storming, norming, and performing.

P&L Management

Ultimately a business cannot survive without a cash flow plan and a balanced budget. Coupled with strong corporate planning, maintaining a sustainable P&L means connecting business strategy to corporate spending. This then means knowing how to place the right bets to support growth while also being fiscally responsible and careful. On a day-to-day basis, though, I can help you craft a P&L for your business so that you can bring the financial planning side of the business into the decisions you make for your business every day.

If you would be interested in talking I would be interested in listening! Please reach out below:

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