Business Operations plays a special role in startups and high-growth businesses. These teams and the people within the teams are the people who make the business run through deep partnerships, thoughtful guidance, and sheer elbow grease. They may be behind the scenes more often than not, but they are the ones who enable an organization to execute. Like a good editor, you definitely will know if they aren’t doing their job.

About the community

By the nature of both the work itself within Business Operations as well as how the roles are regarded within the organization, for people operating in this space it is not uncommon to lack a strong internal network within their company to lean on for guidance and support. This is especially the case in smaller and faster-growing companies where resources may be prioritized elsewhere first.

We need to look out for each other! You may be interested in joining our Slack community. Or let me know if you want to support a future virtual meet-up.

Consulting services

Through Business Operations Foundry I can provide consulting services to organizations looking for business operations expertise at all stages of their business. My specialty is in particular in the early, startup, and scaling phases of an organization. Read on.